Our Beers



American Pale Ale with strong citrus tones, light body, and a hop forward nature.  ABV 5.6%  38IBU  180KCAL/330ml


Irish Red Ale with malt forward tones.  Full bodied with a gentle bitterness and velvety smooth finish.  ABV 5.4%  26 IBU   196KCAL/330ml


Blonde with a mild malt flavor, light body, sweet fruit accents, and a clean finish.  ABV 4.8%  25 IBU  160KCAL/330ml

Rattanak ESB

Honey Pale Ale Cambodian honey dominates the nose with the sweet aroma of honeysuckles.  The medium bodied palate has an even bitterness appropriate for an ESB that balances well against the caramel malt flavors and honey tones.  The finish is strong and clean with a boldness that rivals even the richest of Pale Ales until only the taste of honey remains. 5.7% ABV  37 IBU

Tim's Wheat

Wheat The nose is gently phenolic with a showing of banana, cloves, and a bit of citrus. The palate is light, malty, and has a classic wheat softness to it. The wheat softness continues on into the finish with a refreshing, clean end.  ABV 4.9%  20 IBU


American Pale Ale II  This sensation has an even nose, with sweet citrus and fruit (almost like orange candy) and a hint of sweet malt.  It has a nice medium body with smooth, even bitterness that sets this beer well into the Pale Ale family, but doesn’t kill you in the process.  Finish is crisp, with a clean fast end to the bitterness and a hint of tart citrus in the very back of your mouth. ABV 5.7%  36 IBU  KCAL 185/330ml

American Amber AlE

Dark copper color with some amber hues.  Aromatic nose with melon, malt, and sweet caramel.  Balanced malt/hops palate on a toasted biscuit backdrop.  Slightly bitter finish that quickly comes away cleanly with almost no legs.  AVB 5.4%  –  37.5 IBU


American Pale Ale The nose dominated by sweet citrus tones with floral accents.  The palate is a strong, hops forward light bodied malt with clear grapefruit flavors that give way to a nice toasted nut backdrop.  The finish is hoppy, with a bite that hits fast, hard, and leaves so clean that only your memory knows the beer was bitter.  ABV 4.6%  34IBU

APollo C

IPA is with strong hops forward bitterness, medium body, and a citrusy nature.  ABV 6.7%    50 IBU   200 KCAL/330ml


Imperial IPA This dry hopped IPA is truly first among equals featuring a sweet floral nose, even malt body, and a wonderfully clean finish.  ABV 7.4% – 55 IBUs – 245KCAL/330ML

Royal red

In a class of its own.  This ale has a slight cherry candy like quality to the nose, light floral aroma, and rich malty character to balance bitterness.  The finish is relatively quick, dry,  and gives way to stronger floral notes. ABV 6.3%

roman spark

Smoked Ale With gentle notes of pear on your nose, the palate strikes a perfect balance of smoke, hops, and sweet malt and a pleasantly smoky finish.  ABV 7.2% – 31 IBUs – 223KCAL/330ML

dark star

Porter  is midnight in color with a slight red tint. The silky feel of this Medium bodied brew is layered with Roasted Coffee & Chocolate flavors. Hops balance the sweetness with a finish that begs for more.    ABV 5.4% – 33 IBUs

darth side

Chocolate Oatmeal Stout  The nose is rich, with strong coffee, mocha, burnt toast, and marmalade.  The palate is medium bodied, with mocha and bitter chocolate dominating.  Finish returns us to strong, dark roasted coffee and malty legs.  ABV 6% – 38 IBUs – 194KCAL/330ML

Khmer Honey blonde

A rich nose with tones of honey and malt. The palatte is refreshing with a light body and a clean finish. ABV 4.5%.